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We specialize in helping people in Milton, Burlington, the GTA and across Ontario get a mortgage even if you have bad or poor credit or are in a Consumer Proposal.

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Do you live in the Milton, Burlington, GTA or anywhere else in Ontario? Do you have bad or poor credit, or a consumer proposal and are trying to get a mortgage but it's proven to be next to impossible? We can help.

Has your bank declined to finance your mortgage due to you having bad, bruised or poor credit?

The Big Banks in Canada follow a very stringent set of guidelines to mortgage lending. These are based on credit score and Gross Debt/Total Debt Ratios. Most people in Ontario are unaware of the fact that the big banks are not the only mortgage lenders they can choose from. We work with many alternative mortgage lenders who can approve borrowers for mortgages regardless of their credit score.

Alternative lenders understand that unforeseen life events and decisions made in the past can sometimes harm one's credit score. We have helped many Milton, Burlington, GTA and Ontario borrowers who after being declined by their financial institution, felt they had no choice but to sell their home. Our expertise in bruised or bad credit refinancing can help you refinance your mortgage with the most competitive terms we have access to.

Denied a Mortgage by your Bank?

If you've been turned away by the bank and cannot get the mortgage you need, let us show you how we can help you out.

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